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Step-By-Step Coaching

Every resistance band exercise in our TA2 programs are demonstrated on screen with proper technique. You’ll know exactly what to do on every set.

Ultimate Convenience

With TA2, you not only get results fast, but you have the freedom to train anywhere, anytime – at home or even on the road. Your bands and your phone are all you need!

Backed By Real Science 

With over 25 years of experience, James Grage has worked with some of the top trainers in the world to create this revolutionary band training system.

Better Than Free Weights

Undersun Strength Bands + TA2 Training Programs offer the same muscle-building benefits as barbells and dumbbells, plus a host of other features.

Resistance Curve Manipulation

Every individual weight exercises range of movement has a particular point in the contraction that produces the most amount of tension and stimulus on the working muscle.

Forced Eccentric Loading

Throughout this program particular weight exercises we'll use strength bands to specifically enhance the peak contraction point of the exercise's repetition. This places the muscle under a heightened stress when its at it's shortest contracted point, forcing you to control the start of the eccentric movement under a extreme forced eccentric stress.

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